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Catholic School Health Report

According to Diocesan policy all new students to Holy Family Catholic School and all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students interested in participating in Diocesan sports must provide the school with evidence of a complete, satisfactory physical examination prior to the first day of school as well as a complete immunization record.  This examination may not occur earlier than June 1 immediately preceding the scheduled first day of school.  The Catholic School Health Report form is the required document to provide evidence of an examination.  A complete immunization record must be provided with this form. 

Every student enrolled in a Catholic School in the State of Texas shall be immunized against vaccine preventable diseases caused by infectious agents in accordance with the immunization schedule adopted by the Texas Department of State Health Services.  A student who fails to present the required evidence shall not be accepted for enrollment.  The only exception to the foregoing requirement is a medical exemption signed by a licensed physician (M.D. or D.O.) authorized to practice in the State of Texas, including the physicians license number.

Immunizations are not in conflict with the Catholic faith.  Conscientious objections or waivers, which may be permissible for attendance in public schools, do not qualify as an exemption in Catholic Schools in Texas.  (Atty. Gen. Op. GA-0420)

Immunizations must be in accordance with the following schedule:

Diptheria/tetanus/pertussis: Five doses required with one after the 4th birthday and four doses for children ages 3 and 4.

Tdap booster: Students entering 7th grade must have a booster if it has been five years since the last dose of tetanus-containing vaccine.  Students in 8th grade must have the booster dose of Tdap if it has been 10 years since their last dose of tetanus-containing vaccine.

IPV/OPV (polio): Three doses required (ages 3, 4); 4th dose for entry into Kindergarten.

MMR (measles, mumps, rubella): One dose required on or after 1st birthday.

MMR 2nd dose: Required for Kindergarten entry.  Students in 1-8 continue to meet the current requirement, which are two doses of measles-containing vaccine and one dose each of mumps and rubella vaccine. (M and MMR)

HibCV: Required for children under age 5.  Either a primary series with a dose after the age of one or a single dose after age 15 months.

Hepatitis B Vaccine: Three doses required for entrance in all grades (PreK-3 through 8th).

Varicella (chicken pox): One dose required for children in all grades, after age one.

Varicella (chicken pox): Second dose required for students entering Kindergarten and 7th grade.

PCV-7: Required for all children 59 months and younger, with a minimum of one dose after age 1.

Hepatitis A: Required for all PreK and Kindergarten entry with the first dose after age 1, followed by a booster second dose a minimum of six (6) months apart.

Meningococcal Conjugate (MCV4 or MenACWY): One dose for students on or after their 11th birthday for entry into grades 7th and 8th.