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Annual Fund

This year, our goal for the Annual Appeal Campaign was $55,000. Funds gathered will support several primary areas at HFCS, such as: 
  • Tuition assistance for families in need;
  • The Excellence in Education Fund for forward-thinking programs and training for our teachers;
  • Evolving Technology updates, such as replacing outdated iPads and computers, and including opportunities in the most recent robotics and software developments;
  • Updating our library to the Reading A-Z program, which focuses on National Standards;
  • Bridging the tuition gap to ensure our campus is a safe and beautiful environment conducive to learning for our HFCS students.

If you would like to help make a difference in the lives of Holy Family Hornets, please contact our Business Office. We will be happy to discuss options and opportunities within the HFCS community. We appreciate your support!

$5,000 and above

Ms. Erika Curry
Col. & Dr. Michael Kehoe
Mrs. Patricia Zimpelman



Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Circelli
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Hilliard


Mr. & Mrs. Randy French
Mr. & Mrs. Tug Rix
Mr. D.A. Bass
Mr. Ralph Faxel
Mr. Ted Sulak
Mr. & Mrs. John Styrsky
Mr. & Mrs. William Schultz
Mr. & Mrs. David Webster
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DiRocco


Mr. & Mrs. Brian Skelly
Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Zavala
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lomax
Mr & Mrs. Mike Berry
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Darden
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Bollinger
Mr. Robert Lindgren
Mr. Stephen Barter
Mr. William Wright
Ms. Gail Rawl
Ms. Lualice Hoffman
Ms. Michelle Connell
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Noonan



Ms. Patricia Etier
Dr. & Mrs. John Shreve
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Franko
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Rix
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Carleo
Ms. Trisha Klement
Mr. & Mrs. David Dufour
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Garcia
Mr. & Mrs. Luis Lopez
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Martinez
Mr. John Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lomax
Mr. Wayne Olson
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Holton
Ms. Diane Wolff
Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse Widmer
Mr. & Mrs. Troy Morton
Mr. Gerald Quast
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Day
Deacon & Mrs. Mike Mocek
Mr. & Mrs. David Phillips
Mr. James Honquest
Ms. Barbara Burum
Ms. Jane Hannifin
Ms. Leala Harman
Mr. Mike Narramore & Ms. Annette Escobar
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Head
Ms. Barbara Skipper
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Roach
Mr. Carl King Jr.
Mr. & Dr. Rodney Pearson
Mr. Richard Gaudet
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bjelland
Ms. Debbie Aselage
Mr. & Mrs. David Beyer
Mr. & Mrs. J. Lee Clements
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Davidson
Dr. Robert Collison
Flynn Tractor Company
Mr. & Mrs. John Franko
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Libonati
Mr. & Mrs. Byron Orand
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Browder
Mr. & Mrs. John Sandusky
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Souder
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Ewing
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Mitter
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew King
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Malnak
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Terrell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Neff
Mr. & Mrs. Sergio Villareal
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Almas
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Thomas
Mr. Andy Daus
Mr. Bernd Falk
Mr. Daniel Zavala
Mr. Delio Sivestri
Mr. John Cook
Mr. Richard Schneider
Mr. Wayne Buehrig
Mr. & Mrs. Everett Kincaid
Mrs. Ann Nemec
Mrs. Cindy Nappier
Mrs. Eugene Gutierrez
Mrs. Gail Kendall
Mrs. Joanna Pena
Mrs. Kathy Bergkamp
Mrs. Mary Mulkay
Mrs. Ruth Barker
Mrs. Billye Olson
Ms. Candy Bennett
Ms. Gail Dutch
Ms. Gail Yager
Ms. Jillian Carroll
Ms. Rita Hall Young
Ms. Sandra Maroul
Ms. Theresa Williams
Ms. Tracy Sellers
Ms. Victoria Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pace
Mr. & Mrs. Don Westerheide
Mr. Fidel Davila
Brady Corporation
BNSF Railway

Up to $99

Mr. & Mrs. David Marquardt
Dr. Guy Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Klement
Ms. Elisabeth Origer
Ms. Kathleen Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Pierce
Mrs. Mirna Vasquez
Ms. Maureen Solomon
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Shields
Mrs. Helen Chandler
Mrs. Carrie Reeder
Ms. Nikita Marquardt
Mr. Glynn Lunney
Dr. Melvin Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Ewing
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Lopez
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Chad Cacciotti
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Gilbert
Mr. & Mrs. Erik Gottlieb
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Masure
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Staley
Mr. & Mrs. Rayond Garcia
Mr. Arthur E. Allis
Mr. Hans Ingold
Mr. Henry Arriaga
Mr. Henry Borbolla
Mr. & Mrs. Jan McCormick
Mr. Kevin Upton
Mr. Michael Dodyk
Mr. Thomas Kerns
Mr. Tom Boyd
Mrs. Ernest Cuellar
Mrs. Gina Cecil
Mrs. Louise McGee
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kaderli
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Szostek
Mrs. Teresa Wolff
Ms. Elsie Tallant
Ms. Jana Brooks
Ms. Josephine Allison
Ms. Margaret Sherbert
Ms. Melissa Murnane
Ms. Monica Molina
Ms. Patricia Molloy
Ms. Paula Parrish
Ms. Rebecca Hoffman
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Renner
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Ritz
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Wells
Ms. Penelope Pamplin
Mr. & Mrs. Noel Faul
Ms. Mary Lou Edwards
Ms. Kathy Bernal
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Noel Blaas
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Cordell
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Eder
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Fishman
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Kopp
Mr. & Mrs. Andy Acuna
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kriss
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Heckt
Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Granado
Mr. & Mrs. John Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Nguyen
Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Grimes
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Cook
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Roels
Mr. Conrad Strugala
Mr. Del Smajstrla
Mr. Jack Flanary
Mr. Jesse Pierrard
Mr. Robert Ignatowski
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Behrens
Mr. & Mrs. William Moncrief
Mrs. Georgann Douglas
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Roberts
Mrs. Kathy Burden
Mrs. Mona LaCroix
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Grimes
Ms. Christine Snider
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Miller
Ms. Joyce Goggans
Ms. Julie Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Buchtan
Ms. Kristen Pilkington
Ms. Kristen Sterett
Ms. Laura Michaelides
Ms. Mary Muller
Ms. Micki Padron
Ms. Patti Britton
Ms. Susan Samuelson
Ms. Teddi Huttmeyer
Ms. Vonne Velez
Ms. Wanda Felton
Mr. & Mrs. Errol Schmeits
Mr. Brian Jones
Mr. Emmanual Ogidan
Mrs. Alice Arrendondo
Mrs. Berta Garcia
Mrs. Bitsy Faulk
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Kile
Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Salazar
Mr. & Mrs. Khon Saysanam
Mr. Frank Taylor
Mr. Kevin Terry
Sr. Josetta Everlei
Ms. Princess Mustapha
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hecht
Mr. David King