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The School Advisory Council's committees are comprised of Advisory Council members and other caring parents who are committed to the Catholic School and serve to support and assist the Principal for the good of the school community. Anyone interested in serving on a committee should contact that committee's chairperson.


Executive Committee

President, Vice President, Secretary along with the Principal

The Executive Committee is responsible for meeting regularly and to plan for the regular Council meetings.


Finance Council

Pastor, Principal, School and Parish Business Managers, Council President, Vice President, and Secretary

The Finance Committee is responsible for developing plans and means to finance the ongoing operation of the school and its educational programs. It will prepare and present the annual budget in accordance with Diocesan guidelines and Council procedures, oversee the implementation of the annual budget, recommend tuition and fee schedules, recommend salary scales, allocate financial aid, negotiate the subsidy, and perform other duties related to finance.

Strategic Planning Committee

This committee develops and maintains the school's stragtegic plan.  One member of the Council shall be Chair of this committee.  Additional Council members, as well as, members from the community, faculty and staff, and parents may serve on this committee.


Advancement Committee

This committee is advisory to the Pastor and school principal and is responsible for generating funds from within and outside the school community, which includes overseeing the Pot O' Gold, overseeing the annual appeal, obtaining grants and benefactors, and any other opportunity the Pastor or school principal chooses.  These funds are used to support the operating budget of the school.  This committee works with the principal to enhance the relationship between school and the parish.  This committee is also responsible for increasing the visibility of the school to the outside community. One member of the Council shall be the Chair of this committee in conjunction with the school's Advancement Coordinator and / or the school principal.  Additional Council members, as well as, members from the community at large may serve on this committee.


Home and School Association

President, Vice-President and Secretary

The mission of the Home and School Association is to enhance and support the mission of Holy Family School by:
1. Supporting and fostering an optimal environment for communication amongst its members; and
2. Actively pursuing the donation of time and talent from all of its members for activities that create a sense of community and spirit of cooperation in the school.