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Our Holy Family Community depends upon the dedicated work of our volunteers.  Each family is required to complete 30 service hours each school year.  Your hours can be logged on the RenWeb site.  There are plenty of ways to get involved!  Click the links below to find out more! 

Home and School Association 
HFCS Dad's Club 


Requirements for Volunteering at HFCS

To volunteer one must have successfully completed safe environment training.  The Diocese's program is titled "Protecting God's Children for Adults" and is good for two years.  After two years, training must be renewed by attending "Renewal - Keeping the Promise Alive for Adults".  This program is managed through VIRTUS and allows for attendance of an awareness session either live and in-person or via a Zoom meeting.  To start the process of being eligible to volunteer click on the "I Need a VIRTUS Profile" button on the right, read the directions and click on the gray box labeled "Start registration".  If you already have a VIRTUS profile you may check the status of your training on the VIRTUS website.

To receive credit for volunteering families must enter their service hours in FACTS, as follows:

1. Login to FACTS Family Portal.

2. District Code is HFCS-TX

3. Enter your unique username and password.

4. Select "Family Home" under "Family" in the left-hand column.

5. Ensure your name is selected above the Service Hours chart.

6. Click on the "Add+" button and complete date, hours, select a description from the drop down list and provide a note, if applicable.

7. Click on "Save"

For a list of allowed service hours click on the Service Hour Eligibility link on the right side panel.
Service Hours logged by families will be checked in December.  At that time, an assessment of $10.00 per hour, or portion thereof, not served  will be billed in FACTS.  Families will have the opportunity to work this balance off during the remainder of the school year.  All balances must be resolved to $0.00 through the logging of additional hours and/or payment no later than the last day of school.

For further questions, contact the business manager at