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Middle School

At Holy Family Catholic School, we are dedicated to helping our students with the transition to Middle School and providing them the opportunities they need for growth in all areas. Students are challenged to develop academic and physical skills, pursue knowledge, and study and analyze the world in which they live. They are inspired to be leaders, working with the younger grades in various areas of their faith and educational journey. 

The core academic program consists of religion, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Music, art, band, physical education, and computer/technology classes further increase their knowledge. Middle School Hornets participate in retreats and activities to enhance the curriculum, as well as foster spirituality and develop team and social skills.


Honor Roll

Middle School Hornets are eligible for the Academic Honor Roll.  At the conclusion of each semester, HFCS announces the names of those students (grades 5 – 8) who have met the following honor roll requirements in all core classes (ELA, Religion, Math, Science, and Social Studies). All grades / courses must meet the following criteria.

"HIGH HONORS" are earned by those students with a combined numerical average of 95 or above in all core classes for the semester with a Conduct grade of Satisfactory or above. 

"HONORS" are earned by those students with a combined numerical average of 90 or above in all core classes for the semester with a Conduct grade of Satisfactory or above.


Service Hours

As Catholics, we are called to stewardship, the giving of time and talent to help one another for the good of the community and the world. Service hours help promote stewardship and are required for Middle School Hornets (Grades 6-8).

Service hours are obtained outside of the school day. On a school day, hours may be earned anytime before 8:00 a.m. and after 3:30 p.m. Hours may also be earned during weekends. This includes those who serve as altar servers on the weekends or safety patrol before or after school. Students who are in the Liturgical Choir or Student Council may count the hours spent before or after school in these organizations toward their service hour requirement. Students are responsible for tracking their service hours on a log sheet, which is signed by the organization's sponsor. Fifteen service hours are required for students in Grades 6 and 7, and 20 hours are required for students in Grade 8. Those who are in the National Junior Honor Society are required to complete an additional 15 hours of community service above the grade level requirement. 

Please click here to access the Service Hour Log Sheet. 

Curriculum Highlights

Reading/Language Arts
Pre-Algebra or Algebra I (Grade 8)
Social Studies
Physical Education