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Curriculum Highlights



  • Recognize and write numbers from 0-100
  • Count by 2's, 5's and 10's
  • Odd and even numbers
  • Sort and graph by size, color and shape
  • Patterns and sequencing
  • Time to the hour (1st semester); to the half hour (2nd semester)
  • Money: pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters
  • Number stories, number pictures and number problems
  • Addition and subtraction (doubles, +1, +2, +0)
  • Geometric shapes: cone, cylinder, sphere and cube
  • Measuring using standard and non-standard items
  • Divide objects into halfs, fourths and thirds


Language Arts

  • Know all consonant and short vowel sounds
  • Know how to combine 3 letter words to create words with short vowels
  • Will know 70-80 sight words by the end of the year
  • In October, begin short beginning readers: BOB books and books from Starfall
  • Write sentences from board to lined paper
  • Take dictated sentences using sight words
  • Use capital letters, spacing between words and ending sentence punctuation
  • Reading and language will consist of poetry, songs and traditional and Bible stories



  • Sign of the Cross
  • Prayers: Our Father and Hail Mary
  • Bible stories: Jonah, Noah, Moses and the Ten Commandments, Easter, Christmas
  • Service projects
  • Learn to live the Way of Christ and make good choices


Social Studies and Science

  • Weather/Seasons
  • 5 senses
  • Animals and their habitats
  • The 7 continents
  • Texas, our state
  • Celebrate America
  • Manners
  • Health/fitness/good eating habits
  • Fire Safety
  • Living and non-living things
  • Directions - left and right
  • Directions - North/South/East/West
  • Community Workers
  • Magnets and Simple Machines
  • Conservation/Ecology


Special Projects and Activities During The Year

  • Visits throughout the year to Broadway at Westover Retirement Center
  • Storybook Parade
  • Caroling
  • Valentine Cookie Decorating
  • Casa Manana
  • Bass Hall
  • FW Symphony Kinder Music
  • End of the year Zoo trip 

Mrs. Mandy Jonkers

Bachelor of Science - Human Development and Family Studies
Emphasis: Childhood Development
Texas Tech University
Region 11 Teacher Preparation Program
Texas Educator Certification EC-4

Mrs. Michele Hankins

Arlington Heights High School
2006-2012 Holy Family Catholic School in Extended Day
2012-Present- Holy Family Catholic School Teacher Assistant